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Cell Vitality Cream 30ML / 1.0 oz

Cell Vitality Cream 30ML / 1.0 oz

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Formulated with Jeunase ™ , our unique longevity-promoting molecule that suppresses cytokines, free radicals and NETs to protect your skin from the effects of aging.


How Jeunase revitalizes damaged skin cells:

  • Delivers unique botanical formula to your skin to increase cellular metabolism
  • Suppresses the major causes of aging and inflammation
  • Eliminates spots, minimizes pores and wrinkles
  • Increases hydration, firmness and healthy radiance


Jeunase Cell Vitality Cream is also retinol free and acid free, meaning it doesn’t strip damaged cells - instead, it fundamentally changes your skin’s microenvironment to restore youthfulness.

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